Robinvale Youth Holiday Program

This year was a blast as we opened up with a New Years Eve Pool Party and Dance. What a great way to open the New Year and welcome all our friends in the community, both young and old. Numbers rose in attendance as, new students were entering High School and also the amounts of activities that were organised by the Robinvale District Health Services; under the directions of Ruth Fox and Michelle Johnson, and the Murray Valley Aboriginal Co-operative; under the direction of Thelma Chilly, who both did a wonderful job in organising and keeping our youth off the streets during the Summer Holiday break.

Activities such as going to the Wave Pools in Mildura, a Rock Climbing Wall,touring Robinvale and so much more kept the children coming in everyday. The program did not start until 12noon but the Leisure Centre was full of children by the time it would open at 10am. The staff were very friendly and kept the children well entertained as they waited patiently for the program to start up for the day.

There were many highlights of the Program but one that stood out the most and also to the organisers of the Program was the celebration of Australia Day. Where the motto was, "Celebrating our Diversity." It was such an awesome event run by the Local Indiginous Network who funded for the whole day, with free entry, a BBQ and entertainment. At one stage lifeguards counted 250 patrons at 2pm in the Afternoon. There were performances from the diverse countries we all come from and come together and celebrate being one as Australians with our traditional owners. A huge thank you to the Lifeguards on duty for handling the masses so well, a thank you once again to the Local Indiginous Network and thank you to all those who participated and helped out on the day.

Many of the Youth enjoyed the Australia Day Celebration because alot of the programs are just for youth their age, where on this day they got to share it with their little brothers and sisters. Australia Day was a day of Family and Community Celebration. A special shout out to Tara Caracatsanoudis Uluibau, who did an exceptional performance.

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